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Kristen Stewart Wants Cate Blanchett to Represent Humanity, Should We Meet Any Aliens

Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in humanity. Environmental devastation, indifference to the suffering of others, Impractical Jokers — the list goes on. Whenever you get downhearted, just remember that Cate Blanchett is probably off somewhere in an expertly tailored suit, being cordial to people. Kristen Stewart knows this profound truth well. Speaking to Deadline, Stewart extolled the virtues of Our Lady Cate: “I think that if we had to represent the earth and send one of ours out to an alien race and be like ‘Hey, this is us,’ I think it would be Cate.”

Stewart is currently at the Venice Film Festival, starring in Seberg as actress and activist Jean Seberg. She worked closely with Blanchett on the 2018 Cannes Jury, where women marched on the red carpet to call for 50-50 gender representation at the festival by 2020. “I was just so completely activated that whole time, I went home so inspired and turned on,” Stewart told Deadline. “My on switch was just slammed, so it was wonderful.”

Kristen Stewart: Cate Blanchett Should Rep Earth to Aliens