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Because You Can Never Really Leave Love Island, CBS Renews It for Season Two

Photo: Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

When the U.S. version of Love Island debuted last month, this is how Vulture described the reality series in its review: “Maybe you were trying to get to the island on purpose. Maybe you washed up there by random chance. Regardless, once you’ve arrived, it seems like it should be relatively easy to leave, especially because life on the island is often stultifyingly boring. And yet, somehow, leaving is hard. The island pulls you in. You may be stuck there for the duration.” And now it’s confirmed that duration will be extended, as CBS has renewed the show for a second season. That means more very attractive people will fly out to Fiji to stay in a sprawling home where they pair off in hopes of winning $100,000 at the end of it all. While linear ratings for Love Island have not set CBS ablaze, the show has — like the original version out of the U.K. — become a social-media event, and Deadline reports that it’s been drawing a lot of welcome younger viewers in. So if Twitter and the youth want more Love Island, that’s what CBS is going to give them.

Because You Can Never Really Leave Love Island CBS Renews It