Stare Deeply Into the Eyes of Masked Singer Season Two Contestant … Egg!

Behold Egg. Photo: The Masked Singer/Twitter

Fox’s ludicrous singing competition series The Masked Singer is coming back for a second season, and in the process, it has upgraded all of the disguises of the B- and C-list celebrities who will be competing on the show. Now we’re in a post-Peacock world and we’ve fully moved on to … Egg! It’s someone dressed as an egg! With a fried egg on their head! And a jacket made out of eggshell-like material! Is only the central egg part of this being conscious? What of the fried egg on its head? Is that dead? Is it in pain? Where did it acquire the eggshells for the rest of the outfit? Did Egg kill other eggs? What happens when you leave Egg alone in vinegar? Does it become bigger than before?

Egg! Photo: Fox

Doesn’t it sort of remind you of The Young Pope? Don’t you want to know if it drinks Cherry Coke Zero? Do you think the Egg believes in an Egg God?

In addition to Egg (we love Egg, we stan Egg, Egg forever, etc.), The Masked Singer has also introduced Flamingo, a fashionable bird-being. Flamingo has the eyelashes of someone who’s spent a lot of time watching makeup tutorials, but her unblinking eyelid-less eyes add a disconcerting intensity to her expression. Is she smiling? Smirking? What does she know that we don’t know?

Flamingo! Photo: Michael Becker/Fox

And then there’s Leopard, which is basically just Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth I shouting, “I TOO CAN COMMAND THE WIND, SIR!” 

Leopard. Photo: Fox

Finally, there’s Skeleton, who Fox promises will get “bad to the bone” and looks pretty cool in a spiffy top hat. Wait, is that hat also made out of bone? Is Skeleton hunting other Skeletons? Bleak!

Skeleton! Photo: Fox

If you watch the show’s season-two trailer you can see the contestants in action and also get a glimpse at the rest of the crew, including steampunk-y Fox (very sexy animated Robin Hood) and an American Eagle, which just has to be Sam Elliott in disguise. To choose anyone else would be rude.

Season two of The Masked Singer premieres September 25. We will continue to update this post as they release information about the other contestants. In conclusion … Egg!

We’re rooting for Egg. Photo: Michael Becker/Fox
Stare Deeply Into the Eyes of The Masked Singer’s Egg