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Watch Succession’s Nicholas Braun Hilariously Bumble Through His First Late-Night Appearance

Nicholas Braun, despite being on a critically acclaimed HBO show about wealth, is “still Greg in real life.” Case in point: his lengthy but worthwhile story about attending Succession co-star Jeremy Strong’s fancy Hamptons party, as told on The Late Show. Worthwhile if only for the way an incredibly nervous Braun, making his very first late-night appearance, channels Cousin Greg and bumbles through the whole thing. “Yeah so, on the Long Island Railroad …” he says for the thousandth time, making the point that he did not ’copter to the Hamptons. “I was told to milk this.” At the party, he, “in a fog,” chats with Bill Clinton about famous families, Succession, and potential storylines. “I said, ‘Bill, if you like the show —” he starts, but Stephen Colbert stops him short. “You called the president of the United States ‘Bill’?” Braun giggles. Now we need a Succession storyline about Cousin Greg breaking royal protocol while meeting Meghan Markle, ASAP.

Nicholas Braun Channels Cousin Greg on The Late Show