Nicolas Cage Went on a Somewhat Literal Quest for the Holy Grail

Nicolas Cage, explorer. Photo: Samuel de Roman/Getty Images

Nicolas Cage, a man who has committed his whole life to doing things for the sake of the bit, has unsurprisingly gone on a quest for the Holy Grail. Or at least he’s gone on some sort of “grail quest,” as he explained in an interview with the New York Times, during a period in which he got deeply involved in mythology and philosophy. “You read a book, and in it there’s a reference to another book, and then you buy that book, and then you attach the references,” Cage explained, using some very National Treasure logic. “For me it was all about where was the grail? Was it here? Was it there? Is it at Glastonbury? Does it exist?”

Cage goes on to say that there is, in fact, a well in Glastonbury, England, that tastes like blood because it has a lot of iron in it, but then adds that some people think the grail might be in Rhode Island, in reference to a theory that claims the Knights Templar built a structure for it there in Newport. At this point, this all could be Cage discussing speculation and having fun, but then the Times interviewer asks if this is why the actor bought land in Rhode Island. “I don’t know if I’m going to say that’s why I bought the Rhode Island property,” he hedged, “But I will say that is why I went to Rhode Island, and I happened to find the place beautiful.” In conclusion, yes, Nicolas Cage has toured the Earth actually searching for the Holy Grail, and here is what he discovered: “What I ultimately found is: What is the Grail but Earth itself?” What is the Grail but all the friends we made along the way?

Nicolas Cage Went on a Quest for the Holy Grail