Modern St. Elmo’s Fire Series in the Works at NBC, As If That Isn’t Just Every Show

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Because so many of the people running things in Hollywood came up in the 1980s and hold the era’s pop-culture staples especially close, NBC is working on a series version of St. Elmo’s Fire. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has Drop Dead Diva writer Josh Berman attached to pen the script, and while the show’s title plays on your love of the Brat Pack, the gist of it is pretty general fare: “The potential series is described as a modern adaptation of the feature film that showcases a group of close friends struggling with career, commitment, and the responsibilities of adulthood.” But good luck re-creating the emotional punch of Demi Moore huddled in a corner of her apartment crying. You can’t just buy that kind of inner turmoil!

A St. Elmo’s Fire Series Is in the Works at NBC