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Taylor Swift Read the Room and Removed the Worst Lyric From ‘ME!’

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Taylor Swift’s “ME!” is not the height of her formidable songwriting powers, and the picture-book simple lyrics hit mid-tier Dreamworks animated-feature level when she sings, “Hey, kids! Spelling is fun!” Well, those who purchase the song from iTunes or stream it on Apple Music will now find that declarative is missing. It’s still in the Spotify version of the track, but those putting their hard-earned cash down to actually own the music will now hear “ME!” as Swift and God intended, which is without the erroneous statement that spelling is fun enough to shout about it in an excited voice. Competitive spelling of large and complex words for linguistic supremacy — maybe that’s a different story. But spelling “team” and “awesome” is really only minimal levels of fun. We can consider this the first step in Taylor re-recording her entire discography to undercut Scooter Braun’s total ownership of her back catalogue.

Taylor Swift Removed the Worst Lyric From ‘ME!’