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The Deuce Teaser Introduces the Dying Days of the Times Square Sex Trade

“One more trip around the sun for the Martino brothers!” yells James Franco (as either Frankie or Vincent Martino) in the official teaser for The Deuce season three. His literal pornstache likely chimes in with a rousing “Here, here!” but it’s not mic’d up, you see. This trip will actually be their last, with HBO’s The Deuce ending after this season. The teaser takes place on New Year’s Eve 1984 with change just around the corner. Some for the better and some for the worst. Gene Goldman (Luke Kirby) cleans up Times Square. Abby has found someone new to play with. VHS tapes are taking the world by storm (a weird sentence to write in 2019). And Candy is just eating it all up. The Deuce may be ending, but Maggie Gyllenhaal’s star power is everlasting. Set up your VCR to tape The Deuce starting September 9.

The Deuce Teaser: The Times Square Sex Trade Is Going Down