The Simpsons Composer Alf Clausen Sues Over Firing, Alleging Age and Disability Discrimination

A still from “We Put the Spring in Springfield” from The Simpsons season 8, episode 5, “Bart After Dark.” Photo: Fox

Whether they know him by name or not, fans who grew up watching The Simpsons undoubtedly have some of Alf Clausen’s work stuck in their head on a regular basis. The show’s composer was Matt Groening’s “secret weapon” for 27 years, and was responsible for many classic Simpsons tunes, including “Springfield, Springfield,” “See My Vest,” and “Dr. Zauis.” Clausen was terminated in 2017 after the show allegedly decided to go in a “different direction,” musically speaking. According to a lawsuit filed Monday, however, Clausen alleges he was fired due to his “perceived disability and age” and is suing for retaliation, wrongful discharge, and disability and age discrimination, among several other legal complaints.

Clausen, who scored over 560 episodes of the show and won two Emmys for his work, was 78 when he was let go two years ago. The suit (which you can read in its entirety here) does not specify which disability he’s referring to, but notes that the composer’s replacement at music production company Bleeding Fingers Music “was substantially younger in age” and “was not only paid less, but was not disabled.” Clausen is suing 20th Century Fox, Disney, and Gracie Films for unspecified damages.

The Simpsons Composer Alf Clausen Sues Fox Over 2017 Firing