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Tina Fey Asks You to Please Never, Ever Make Her Watch Top Gun

Then how is she going to understand Top Gun: Maverick? You know what? She’ll figure it out. While stopping by Lights Out With David Spade for a teeny tiny selfie interview, Tina Fey revealed her commitment to never, ever seeing Top Gun as long as she lives, despite society gently pushing her to break down and find out if that infamous volleyball scene is all its cracked up to be. Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe Goose’s fate hits harder when you aren’t watching Top Gun for the first time at someone’s 12th birthday sleepover. As for what Tina Fey has seen a ton of times, that would be the inside of the secret 30 Rock toilet only Lorne Michaels is technically allowed to use.

Tina Fey Discusses Her Decision to Never, Ever See Top Gun