Andrew Scott Cast As Talented Mr. Ripley. Here’s Why He’ll Be Perfect for It.

Photo: Michael Tullberg/FilmMagic

Fans of Fleabag know that Andrew “Hot Priest” Scott has an abundance of charisma, but fans of the recent Sherlock series also know that he can play a devilishly seductive, obsessive sociopath, as seen in his portrayal of Moriarty. Put those two things together and you have some very keen casting on the part of Showtime’s The Talented Mr. Ripley series, called just Ripley, in which Scott will play the titular role. Oscar winner Steven Zaillian will write and direct all eight episodes that have been ordered for the first season. Another adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel, Ripley will follow the small-scale con man Tom Ripley as he’s tapped by a rich man to travel to Italy and bring back his charming, wayward son. (Honestly, maybe just bring back Jude Law to play Dickie Greenleaf again? And Gwyneth Paltrow as his girlfriend? Everyone still looks amazing.) As Tom becomes entangled in his expanding web of lies, so too will your crush on Scott begin to feel even more conflicted and problematic. TV at its best.

Andrew Scott Will Be a Very Talented Mr. Ripley in New Show