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Angela Lansbury Just Heard ‘Murder She Wrote’ and Is ‘Thrilled To Be Part of Reggae’

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

You’re never too old to get hip to new music. On a CBC radio show, Murder She Wrote icon Angela Lansbury heard, for the first time, the song “Murder She Wrote” by Chaka Demus and Pliers, and ladies and gentlemen the verdict is in: Angela approves! She had no idea who the artists were at first of course, but she is “thrilled to be a part of reggae” now that she’s aware. Which all just goes to show that you should never close yourself off to new experiences. Angela Lansbury is now primed to become a reggae and dancehall enthusiast. Reese Witherspoon is enthusiastically trying to learn Tik Tok. Patti Smith is living her pure truth on Instagram. It’s a whole wide world out there, a world where Angela Lansbury vibes to Chaka Demus. Good things are possible.

Angela Lansbury Is ‘Thrilled To Be Part of Reggae’