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Cringe Through the First Rose Rejection in Bachelor in Paradise History

Couples are dropping like dewy, well-contoured flies over on Bachelor in Paradise, with only four pairings to root for when the finale comes around next week. Two people we don’t have to worry about anymore, though? Luke S. and Bri, who, respectively, will always be cherished within Bachelor Nation as the body-slammed guy and the fake-Australian-accent girl. Luke S. offered Bri his rose during Tuesday night’s ceremony, only for the model to politely, but firmly, reject it — the very first time in the show’s history!

“Well, this has never happened before,” Chris Harrison narrates for us. “Is there anyone else who would like Luke’s rose tonight? Anyone?” Nobody did, and Luke S. was sent packing while Bri pursued a relationship with fellow contestant Matt. (She would go on to ultimately reject him the next day.) “I’m fine, actually. I think I made the right decision,” he said during his wrap-up interview. “That’s Paradise, you can’t assume it’s going to work out. I shot my shot, man.” Hey, at least he’s still the franchise’s best Luke.

Cringe Through Bachelor in Paradise’s First Rose Rejection