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Bad Boys for Life Trailer: The Song Is Already Stuck in Your Head

Prepare to have the song “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle stuck in your head for, I don’t know, the rest of your life. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are getting back into the action in the new Bad Boys for Life trailer. Will Smith’s Mike Lowrey is just as trigger happy as another Smith character, Deadshot. But Martin Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett is ready for an extended vacation. The duo decide on one last all-out investigation and if Mike gets to shoot criminals along the way, well, then everyone’s happy. Bad Boys for Life is the third iteration of the Bad Boys franchise. Bad Boys II came out 14 years ago, in 2003. Alexander Ludwig, Vanessa Hudgens, and Charles Melton feature in the film plus DJ Khaled and Nicky Jam. Bad Boys for Life comes out January 17, 2020, so in the meantime we will be listening to any other song on repeat.

Bad Boys for Life Trailer: The Song’s Stuck in Your Head Now