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Between Two Ferns: The Movie Trailer: Zach Galifianakis Is Our New Walter Cronkite

With (near) death comes (mandated by the network) rebirth, which is exactly what Zach Galifianakis has to deal with in Netflix’s upcoming Between Two Ferns: The Movie, thanks to his pal Matthew McConaughey almost ruining their very serious, very consequential interview by drowning via sprinkler system. Zach’s boss (Will Ferrell) goes into damage-control mode by forcing him to travel across the country with his posse to get ten more episodes, thus birthing a carousel of very game (if not wildly confused) celebrity interviewees, including Keanu Reeves, Paul Rudd, “hot idiot” Jon Hamm, David Letterman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tiffany Haddish, and a ready-to-cheat Chrissy Teigen. It premieres September 20 on Netflix.

Between Two Ferns Trailer: Galifianakis Is Our New Cronkite