Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic Short Film Highlights All the Stuff You’ll Miss When Dinos Roam the Earth

“Battle at Big Rock,” the new Jurassic short film by director Colin Trevorrow, drops you smack dab into the middle of Big Rock National Park, where André Holland and Natalie Martinez have naively taken their beautiful blended family on a family vacation. It’s hard enough getting used to a stepbrother or stepsister in a normal situation. Now imagine you’re getting used to them while an Allosaurus and a family of Nasutoceratops go full WWE on your campsite. Such is life in the U.S. in the Jurassic Park universe.

Written by Trevorrow and screenwriter Emily Carmichael, “Battle at Big Rock” takes place a year after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, offering a sneak-peek at all the stuff we will no longer be able to do when (and we do mean when) dinosaurs take over North America. Outdoor weddings? Absolutely not. Driving alongside cliffs? Big time no. Fishing? Basically get all your outdoor vacations in now, is the moral of the story. Jurassic World aside, what other franchises are you dying to see finagle a short film in between movies? Or, let’s be honest here, which ones wouldn’t you want to see?

Colin Trevorrow’s Short Intros You to the U.S. of Dinosaurs