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We Simply Won’t Stand for Jim Carter’s Downton Abbey Hair Erasure Anymore

Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Jim Carter, whom you know as Britain’s Best Butler (Fictional Interwar Era) on every season of Downton Abbey, possesses one of the best heads of hair Vulture has ever seen. It is, truly, the eighth wonder of the world, especially when you look at Wikipedia and realize Carter is 71 years old. This is the top-shelf video we need to see! Drop the routine! So, it pains us to inform you that the new Downton film is completely devoid of Carter’s follicular goodness, despite his character living a new life of retirement leisure — the perfect opportunity to debut a new look, away from the scrutiny of the Crawleys. “It’s 1927. We can’t do long hair in 1927,” Carter told us at the film’s New York premiere at Alice Tully Hall on Monday evening. “I could never have imagined it, Carson is always wearing immaculately pressed clothes. He’s a perfect gentleman at all times.” Carter doesn’t have to shave those beautiful locks, right? “They slack some grease in it and comb it. It takes two minutes.” Can he drop any hair-care maintenance tips? “You have a fetish!”

We Won’t Stand for Jim Carter’s Downton Hair Erasure Anymore