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Jesse Pinkman Lies Low in the New El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Trailer

Last time we checked in with Jesse Pinkman, he was barely making it out of Breaking Bad alive. In the trailer for the series’ cinematic followup, Aaron Paul’s beloved character is back in the show’s universe, escaped from captivity and on the run, wanted for his involvement in the firefight that ended the television series and left nine male victims (including the late, not-morally-so-great Walter White) dead. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, the fire being the manhunt by law enforcement and any surviving Nazis for a “person of interest” responsible for the massacre. Luckily, no one owns an El Camino to stay the hell in dodge. He wanders the streets, the highways, and the dirt roads, always looking over his shoulder, until he encounters a mysterious and deep-voiced man. Finally, someone to call “Bitch.” El Camino guns it onto Netflix October 11.

Jesse Lies Low in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Trailer