Okay, but Seriously, Which One of Brad Pitt’s Ex-Girlfriends Did Ellen Date?

As if you didn’t want to go to one of Melissa Etheridge’s pool parties before. When Brad Pitt stopped by her daytime talk show for a visit last week, Ellen DeGeneres casually revealed that she went out with one of the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor’s former girlfriends. So we’re going to need everyone to put their heads together and crowdsource this ex-girlfriend, a woman who must be sharing some next-level anecdotes at someone’s pool party. Maybe even … yours?

While other websites might have you analyzing the potential Venn diagram of Brad Pitt’s former loves (Angelina Jolie? Jennifer Aniston?) and Ellen’s onetime paramours (she’s only been with Portia de Rossi since 2004, after all), the real clue is Pitt’s complete lack of a reaction. Which ex-girlfriend would Brad Pitt himself be totally unsurprised to hear dated Ellen? Only once we know this can we unlock the mystery. Or if someone can get ahold of Melissa Etheridge’s number. The pool-party memories that woman must have …

OK, Which One of Brad Pitt’s Ex-Girlfriends Did Ellen Date?