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Why Did Succession’s Showrunner Get Bleeped During His Emmys Speech?

Jesse Armstrong.
Jesse Armstrong. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Succession showrunner Jesse Armstrong scored a big win during the 2019 Emmys, but at-home viewers weren’t able to hear every word of his acceptance speech. When Armstrong accepted the award for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, he began by saying, “Quite a lot of British winners. Maybe too many. Maybe you should have a think about those immigration restrictions,” and then made a crack about immigration policy in the United States that was bleeped out of the broadcast. But no, he wasn’t censored for mentioning immigration on a Fox outlet. (Fellow winner Alex Borstein also talked about her immigrant family members earlier in the night.) Armstrong was bleeped because, according to reports from the room, he made reference to the “shithole countries” that Donald Trump derided last year. Nothing too coarse for regular Succession viewers to hear, but apparently too much for broadcast TV.

Why Did Succession’s Showrunner Get Bleeped at the Emmys?