Hailee Steinfeld Reportedly on the Edge of Leading Disney’s Hawkeye Series

Photo: SOPA Images/Vulture

Hailee Steinfeld will be coming to a binge-watch near you when her sexy teen show Dickinson goes live with the launch of Apple TV+, but Disney has reportedly stepped up to bring her on for another high-profile streaming series opportunity. According to Variety, Steinfeld has been offered the lead role in its Disney+ Hawkeye series. If she accepts, the Transformer wrangler would play Kate Bishop, who succeeds Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and takes up the bow and arrow as the new Hawkeye. (In the comics, the character is also a member of the Young Avengers, which means franchising opportunities and a possibly very long contractual commitment!) Studio execs must have watched Bumblebee and said, “That girl has moxie! Draw up a contract!” Any other platforms with a “+” in their title have something to offer Steinfeld? We know HBO is going with “Max” for its premium streaming service, but they’ve got a lot of upcoming programming to cast. Surely there’s room for a combo Hawkeye/Spider-Gwen.

Hailee Steinfeld Reportedly Offered Lead for Hawkeye Series