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It: Chapter 2 Has Second Biggest Horror Opening Ever Behind Previous It

Photo: New Line Cinema

For 27 years he dreamt of you, craved you, missed you, but after two years, you couldn’t even be bothered to run directly into the sewer for him? Wow. Some of you really let Pennywise down this weekend. According to Deadline, It: Chapter 2 had the second biggest horror opening weekend box office ever, with approximately $91 million domestic and $185 million worldwide, coming in runner-up only to the film’s 2017 processor. It also had the second best September opening of all time and is the highest-grossing R-rated movie of 2019, but the discrepancy does beg the question: who amongst us saw the first movie, and yet isn’t in the rush to see the franchise’s resolution? It’s like, why even have dead lights if you can’t force everyone to see your sequel with them?

It: Chapter 2 Second Biggest Horror Opening Ever Behind It