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Gird Your Bloomers: John Mulaney Is Playing Henry David Thoreau

Photo: JC Olivera/WireImage

The new Apple TV+ comedy about a young and horny Emily Dickinson looks like a certified hoot, and it’s about to get 70 percent more internet boyfriend-y. Per Apple Insider, who was present at Dickinson’s premiere at the Tribeca TV Festival on Saturday evening, John Mulaney is confirmed to portray transcendentalist extraordinaire Henry David Thoreau on the show opposite Hailee Steinfeld’s poet. Besides the casting confirmation, we have zero idea what will lead to Mulaney’s (neck)bearded arrival in the Dickinson clan’s orbit, but this is coming from a place where Wiz Khalifa will literally be playing a death “muse,” so we guess anything is possible. Mulaney joked about Dickinson in his 2015 stand-up special The Comeback Kid, which, if history were to repeat itself, means he’ll be starring in a big-screen J. J. Bittenbinder biopic in two and a half years. We don’t make the rules!

Gird Your Bloomers: John Mulaney to Play Henry David Thoreau