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Which Kardashian Had to Clean Up Ryan Seacrest’s Literal Sh*t?

The Kardashian family and Ryan Seacrest have been showbiz BFFs for years, thanks, in no small part, to Hollywood’s resident overachiever being an integral figure in getting their E! show on the air. Please keep that in mind while listening to his Tonight Show anecdote from last night, when he admitted that he clogged the family’s very futuristic toilet at a recent party at their Calabasas abode. “I had a lot to eat that day,” Seacrest recalled, “and I had to go to the bathroom.” He did his business. Studied the menu of options. Clicked some buttons. Dramatically rose the water level by accident, and, in a last second save, closed the lid and walked away ⁠— sans flushing. “I’ve never told them about that,” Seacrest added, “so one of the other sisters had to deal with that.” Or maybe Kanye, who can be totally sure.

Which Kardashian Cleaned Up Ryan Seacrest’s Literal Shit?