Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Bad Romance’ Cover Has Changed Me Fundamentally

Kelly Clarkson is a woman of so many talents, we have no choice but to turn jealousy into unbridled love and admiration. The OG American Idol’s brand-new daytime talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, radiates joy from your screen like vitamin D from the sun. Even though the most of a daytime TV show I’ve seen in the past year is this clip from The Ellen Show where she asks her “hunks” trivia questions, I am officially stanning The Kelly Clarkson Show. Every episode kicks off with a different “Kellyoke,” where she covers a popular song. For instance, the premiere had Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5,” complete with a montage of Kelly working in different professions and a Steve Carell introduction. The second episode featured “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga in a cover that would be unrecognizable if it wasn’t such an iconic song. Kelly’s stripped back version ditches the (again, iconic, don’t come for me, stans!) synth pop and transforms it into a 1980s headbanger. Simply put: It rocks. Kellyoke rocks. If we don’t get a Kellyoke soundtrack eventually, NBC will be hearing from me and my lawyers. More Kellyoke, straight into my bloodstream, please!

Kelly Clarkson’s Bad Romance Cover Changed Me Fundamentally