LAPD Promises Increased Police Presence for Joker Opening Weekend

Photo: Warner Bros.

In “What even is the world?” news, the LAPD made a statement to Deadline assuring moviegoers that they don’t foresee threats to L.A. movie theaters during Joker’s opening weekend. That being said, there will be increased police visibility in movie theaters. “The Los Angeles Police Department is aware of public concerns and the historical significance associated with the premiere of The Joker,” an LAPD statement said. “We encourage everyone to go out and enjoy all of the weekend leisure activities this city has to offer, however, Angelenos should remain vigilant and always be aware of your surroundings.” Sources from the FBI and Homeland Security also do not see any threats the weekend of October 4.

Meanwhile, influencer Jackie O refuses to apologize for remarks she made on a podcast claiming mass shooters are less likely to target really fancy movie theaters. “Overall, I was just saying I’ve been feeling safer in movie theatres (a place that for a long time I didn’t feel safe in because of all the horrible tragedies) because why would a shooter pay $30 for a movie when they can pay $15,” she wrote in a Facebook comment.

Update, September 27, 1:27 p.m.: The Landmark Theatres chain has announced that no cosplay will be permitted inside showings of Joker at its theaters. In a statement, the company said, “We want all our guests to enjoy The Joker for the cinematic achievement that it is. But no masks, painted faces or costumes will be permitted into our theaters. Thank you!”

LAPD Promises Increased Police Presence for Joker