Mean Streets and Raging Bull Screenwriter Mardik Martin Dead at 82

Photo: M. Phillips/WireImage

Mardik Martin, the screenwriter who co-wrote classic films such as Mean Streets and Raging Bull, has died at the age of 82. According to the Wrap, Martin’s death was first announced by The Armenian Film Society. Martin was born in Iran to an Armenian family and raised in Iraq. He moved to the U.S. to study economics at NYU, where he first met Martin Scorsese. Martin would go on to co-write many of the films that would define Scorsese’s early filmography, like New York, New York and Raging Bull, which earned Martin a Golden Globe nomination for Best Screenplay. “To say that Mardik was one of a kind is a wild understatement,” wrote former WGA West President Howard A. Rodman. “No one — no one — will ever fill his shoes.”

Raging Bull Co-Screenwriter Mardik Martin Dead at 82