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Paul Feig Is Writing and Directing a New Universal Monster Movie

Photo: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

The Dark Universe is dead, long live the Dark Army. When The Mummy underperformed for Universal, the studio decided to give its IP a more auteur-ish bent. Rather than have each monster movie connect, à la the MCU, each movie will take the on the look and feel of different filmmakers, à la the original Universal horror movies of the 1930s. Paul Feig will be bringing his sensibilities to Dark Army, a monster movie based on an original concept by Feig. Dark Army, according to Deadline, will have characters from Universal’s stable mingling with Feig originals. The film joins the Blumhouse–Leigh Whannel update of The Invisible Man. That film stars Elisabeth Moss and comes out next February. Feig’s next release is Last Christmas, starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. Meanwhile the classic Universal monsters are about to be featured in haunts on both coasts’ Halloween Horror Nights.

Paul Feig to Helm New Universal Monster Movie Dark Army