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Jodie Foster Might Have Some Handy Tips for Sam Worthington in Netflix’s Unnerving Fractured Trailer

Offering up a perturbing plot that looks like a mix of 2005’s Flightplan (yes, it is one word, for some reason) and the classic Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark tale “Maybe You Will Remember” (maybe that one will be in the sequel?), the trailer for Netflix’s Fractured literally begs: “Can you solve the mystery?” Probably not, but we’ll try. In the spot, devoted dad Sam Worthington takes his wife, Lily Rabe, and their injured daughter to an out-of-town hospital, only to have all record of them completely disappear hours later. This is America, so you’d think at least one person in that ER would be there long enough to bare witness, but if not, the way to solve this mystery is clear: Call Jodie Foster and do what she did in Flightplan! Fractured mysteriously appears on Netflix on October 11.

Netflix Fractured Trailer: Jodie Foster Might Have Some Tips