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SNL’s Anna Drezen Comes From a Long Line of Murderous Horse Thieves

While you’re waiting for season 45 of Saturday Night Live to kick off this weekend, here’s one very good way to pass the time: last night’s stand-up set on The Late Late Show by SNL supervising writer Anna Drezen. Drezen’s performance has a little bit of everything: references to photos of dead women who look like her, a bit of self-deprecating humor (“I look like if Brendan Fraser were a teen mom”), talk of gaslighting men on dating apps, and a thorough explanation on why she decided to get sober after years of ruining birthday parties. “I can’t drink wine because my DNA is garbage! My ancestors were criminals. One half of my family were murderers; the other half were horse thieves,” she says, miming her words to an imaginary friend at a party. “And they swam to America, and they made it with their first cousins, until one day I was born. And now, when I drink wine, I fuck DJs.” Such a powerful story.

SNL’s Anna Drezen Comes From a Long Line of Murderers