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Julio Torres, Playing God, Engineered a Blueberry Genetic Freak, But SNL Put a Stop to It

Julio Torres has brought many fantastical gifts to SNL viewers, from “Wells for Boys” to the thoughts of a sink, but his finest creation never made it to the screen: Blooby (or Blue-by, we’re not sure of the spelling), a bitchy assemblage of blueberries that lives in your stomach. Blooby, a diagnosable medical condition, appears when you eat too many blueberries, and was the basis of an idea for a sketch Torres wrote for Gal Gadot (presumably to star as Blooby) that sadly never even got read. Too bad, we’d love to watch Gal Gadot dressed as a blueberry announce, “I’m drunk. I’m a bitch,” and lie about being on the list for a party. Coulda been her big Emma Stone as the actress moment.

Julio Torres Shares Rejected Gal Gadot–Blueberry SNL Sketch