South Park Refuses to Die Despite Matt and Trey’s Efforts

South Park Photo: Comedy Central

South Park hasn’t even premiered its 23rd season yet, but Comedy Central has already locked it in for a 24th, 25th, and 26th. The network announced today that it’s handed out a triple-season, 30-episode renewal to Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s long-running animated comedy series, which comes less than two weeks before its return to the air on Wednesday, September 25.

South Park is the greatest comedy in the history of television, unmatched in its satirical strength and cultural relevancy and it shows no signs of slowing down,” Comedy Central’s president, Kent Alterman, said on the news. “If humanity is still intact in 1,000 years, historians will see the most transcendent artists of our era as the Beatles, Muhammad Ali, and Matt and Trey. We’ll do as many seasons as they would like.”

“Apparently, our efforts to get our own show canceled have fallen short,” Parker and Stone said. “Luckily, we love Comedy Central and Kent and our staff so we are looking forward to new cancellation opportunities in the next few years.”

South Park Refuses to Die Despite Matt and Trey’s Efforts