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Supernatural Final-Season Trailer: You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello (to Every Soul Escaping Hell)

After 14 seasons, the CW’s Supernatural is giving Sam and Dean, portrayed by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, respectively, one final victory lap to commemorate the success of their demon-hunting venture, as well as the show’s lengthy run. To celebrate, God himself apparently opened the gates of hell (which you would know if you watched last season’s finale) and — you guessed it — released everyone, including every single demon, ghost, and murderer captured during the series’ previous adventures. “You and me versus every soul in hell? I like those odds,” says Dean. See, this is why these guys were so good at their job. The Earth is going to be a real mess after they retire. The final season of Supernatural premieres on Thursday, October 10.

Supernatural Final Trailer: You, Me, and Every Soul in Hell