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We Give the Trailer for Tim Heidecker’s Mister America Five Bags of Popcorn

The On Cinema at the Cinema-tic universe is an ongoing feat of serialized storytelling so dense that it makes Avengers: Endgame look like a one-panel Far Side comic. It’s a universe so dense, in fact, that it actually subsumed the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tommy Westphall–style, when its hosts — heightened, grotesque versions of comedians Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington — landed actual cameos in the actual Ant-Man films in an extension of one of their ego-tripping On Cinema feuds. They’ve had the spinoff series, Decker, and the spinoff music career of Dekkar. Now, the film buffs will find themselves on the other side of the screen with the cinematic release of satirical campaign comedy Mister America, helmed by frequent On Cinema director Eric Notarnicola.

The film follows Heidecker’s campaign to be San Bernardino District Attorney despite the fact that, as Turkington points out in the trailer, “he’s not a lawyer” and “doesn’t live in San Bernardino.” The trailer sets the plot up as Heidecker’s revenge against the District Attorney Vincent Rosetti, whom fans will certainly remember from the five-hour “Electric Sun 20” trial against Heidecker for the murder of 20 teens with toad venom-infused vapes. (We promise it’s funny with or without context.) If you saw the trailer for Between Two Ferns and thought to yourself, Hmm, I can go about 80 percent weirder, then Mister America will be the trailer for you.

Trailer: Tim Heidecker’s Mister America Is a Popcorn Classic