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Excuse Me, Drake, Why Haven’t You Called Bianca Andreescu Yet?

Started from the bottom, now she’s waiting for Drake to congratulate her! Canadian tennis sensation Bianca Andreescu appeared on The Tonight Show last night to begin her victory tour as the newly minted U.S. Open champion, after upsetting Serena Williams in the finals. Not only is Andreescu the first woman born in the 2000s to win a major (yes, you are that old), she’s also the first Canadian to win the U.S. Open … ever. Given this historic feat, you’d probably think that Drake, the self-proclaimed King of Canada, would be clamoring to congratulate his fellow countrywoman, right? Well, think again! According to Andreescu, all of Canada’s top talent, including Shania Twain, Justin Trudeau, and the Toronto Raptors, have congratulated her, except Drizzy. “Champagne Papi, I’m waiting for you,” Andreescu said. Look, Drake’s cool and all, but everyone knows the only Canadian who really matters is French-Canadian queen Celine Dion.

Drake, Why Haven’t You Called Bianca Andreescu Yet?