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Uncut Gems Trailer: Adam Sandler Will Give You a Good Deal for an Oscar

Tired: Murder Mystery was the epitome of a mediocre Netflix film. Wired: Uncut Gems will sucker punch you in the face until Adam Sandler gets a goddamn Oscar nomination. In the first trailer for the Safdie brothers’ newest thriller, Sandler’s “fucking crazy-ass Jew” keeps digging himself into some deeper and deeper graves as a New York City jeweler back 2012, who wants nothing more than to pander to the elite NBA crowd with his blinged-out Furby necklaces and rare opal chunks. (Kevin Garnett alert!) It’s a shame he keeps taking people’s money and losing it in terrible bets, but at least his wife is irate that he’s cheating on her! Oh, wait. Uncut Gems, which also stars Idina Menzel and Lakeith Stanfield, will be out in December.

Uncut Gems Trailer: Oscar Season Has Come for Adam Sandler