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The First Trailer for Jesus Rolls Is (Kind of) Here

Huge news for fans of The Big Lebowski and gratuitous overdubbing. The first trailer for John Turturro’s Lebowski spin-off, Jesus Rolls, has arrived. Only problem: It’s in Italian. As someone who took ten years of French and is fluent in trailer-editing conventions, I can tell you that the movie is about what happens after Turturro’s Jesus Quintana gets out of prison. He meets Bobby Cannavale, and the two become enmeshed in a frightfully artistic love-friendship triangle with Audrey Tatou. They do Jon Hamm dirty, which is bad because he has a gun. Also, Susan Sarandon is there. The movie premieres in Italy next month, which explains the dub. American moviegoers will have to wait until early 2020.

Watch the First Trailer for Lebowski Spin-off Jesus Rolls