Wiz Khalifa Kindly Stopped to Play Death in Apple’s Horny Emily Dickinson Show

The Carriage held but just Ourselves (Hailee Steinfeld and Wiz Khalifa) — and Immortality (to be cast, I guess). Photo: Courtesy of Apple

You may know Apple’s forthcoming streaming service as the place that will bring you Reese Witherspoon wearing a wig and shouting about journalism. But what’s definitely more important about the new streamer is that it’s making the horny Emily Dickinson show Dickinson (that’s the full title, as far as we’re concerned). Dickinson is about Hailee Steinfeld playing a young, twerking version of the great American poet, who probed the mysteries of life, death, and whether or not she could deploy another dash somewhere in her poetry — generally, she went with yes. In a remarkable literal interpretation of her work, Dickinson has cast Wiz Khalifa to play Death.

The Grammy nominee kindly stopped to pose with Steinfeld in the photo above, sent out by Apple, which noted in a release that he’ll act as Emily’s “muse” in multiple episodes of the first season (Apple’s release delightfully adds, “As a reminder, death was a recurring theme in Emily Dickinson’s poems,” in case you didn’t read that one poem in middle school). “It was a true gift to be able to cast Wiz in this series,” creator and showrunner Alena Smith said in a statement. “We had a creative meeting of the minds in approaching the character, and his playful spirit fit in perfectly with the mischievous tone of the show.” So … which recording artist will be dressing up in a bunch of feathers to play Hope?

Wiz Khalifa Is Playing *Checks Notes* Death in Dickinson