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Big Man Searching for Little Dog

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

Adam Driver may be big, he may even be tall, but that doesn’t mean the very large thespian is above helping out the little guy. Or, in this instance, the little puppy. In a heartfelt plea posted to Mark Hamill’s Twitter account late Wednesday night Brussels time, Driver announced that he was out in the park searching for very good boy Javelot the dog. (That’s pronounced with a French J and silent t, like if Javert and Tove Lo had a celebrity-couple name.) The video features Driver, in his best kid-detective hoodie, standing next to a missing-dog poster with a picture of the sweet pup, informing viewers that this is the beloved dog of Holy Motors director Leos Carax, as well as the third-generation descendant in a long line of Carax dogs.

Driver describes what happened in detail:

“We were shooting a scene in a club, as you do, and we were outside, and he god spooked by some of the traffic and ran off, so he’s been missing for 24 hours. The last place he was seen was in this park where we all are. There’s a crew of people behind us, looking for Javelot.”

Pauvre petit chien! Clearly it was Take Your Pup to Work Day on the set of Carax’s upcoming Adam Driver–Marion Cotillard musical Annette, and the excitement of an ADAM DRIVER MUSICAL was too much for the terrier. And if the straight-to-DVD Disney sequels Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure and 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure have taught me anything, it’s that it’s scary out there for a little dog lost in the big city.

In the tweet and the video, Hamill and Driver share the phone number for crew member Max, which concerned citizens can call if they find Javelot. We did some sleuthing of our own and found a listing for Javelot on the Belgique page of It describes Javelot as a little fox terrier who’s skittish but very nice. While concerned citizens should expect the satisfaction of a good deed done and a firm embrace from Adam Driver rewards unto themselves, here are the rewards that Driver is offering to whoever brings back Javelot:

  • We will put you in the movie
  • We’ll give you chocolate
  • We’ll christen your child

That’s the Adam Driver guarantee! Also, sidebar, how cute is it that Mark Hamill posted this for Adam? He’s the Watson to Driver’s Holmes! The Javelot to his Carax! Driver-Hive, assemble and help find this dog.

Pupdate, October 3, 5:55 p.m.: Javelot has been found and reunited with Leos! IndieWire reported that the dog was returned following the video’s circulation. What can’t Adam Driver do? Watch the reunion if you need a good afternoon happy cry:

All in a day’s work for Adam Driver and Mark Hamill, Pet Detectives.

Big Man Searching for Little Dog