Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston Can’t Have a Vacay in Peace Now That Murder Mystery 2 Is in the Works

Photo: Netflix

You’d think every couple would only have to deal with one yacht murder per marriage, but Netflix is tasking Nick and Audrey Spitz with at least one more. Probably a few, since we’re dealing with a sequel here. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston will reportedly return as the fish-out-of-water New York couple wrongfully accused (and therefore tasked with solving) a murder whilst on their long-delayed honeymoon for an upcoming sequel to this year’s Murder Mystery. It is currently in development.

Zodiac and Independence Day: Resurgence screenwriter James Vanderbilt is reportedly in negotiations to return and write the film. As for where the Spitzes will solve their next murder, they have to go Hawaii, right? Possibly the Bahamas? We’d say the Hamptons, but that’s clearly a Murder Mystery 3 move if we’ve ever seen it.

Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston Rumored for Murder Mystery 2