Amber Ruffin Learned an Important Lesson From Her SNL Audition

Amber Ruffin has been a beloved writer and performer on Late Night With Seth Meyers for years now, but did you know she almost got the chance to join the cast of Saturday Night Live? During Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Ruffin was asked by a caller about the time she auditioned for the NBC sketch-comedy show — more specifically, what went wrong during her audition. “How did I mess up getting into SNL? Uh, I wasn’t good enough?” Ruffin jokes. “No, I did great. I was up against people who, in the time since our audition, have become legends. And I’m lucky that they’re all my li’l buddies now.” While Ruffin didn’t land the job, she says she did learn a very important lesson from the whole experience: “But what went wrong? I was myself. And I think that’s a good lesson: Never be yourself.” Thankfully, things ended up working out just fine with her job on Late Night in fact, things worked out so well that Ruffin now has her very own show coming to NBC’s streaming platform called The Amber Ruffin Show. Who needs SNL anyway?

Amber Ruffin Learned a Handy Lesson From Her SNL Audition