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Finally, Some Details About Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s V-V-VIP Oscars Party

The paparazzi put in their overtime earlier this year thanks to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Green Book–free Oscars afterparty, which was nestled somewhere within the Chateau Marmont and, we’re assuming, really screwed with celebs’ minds with who and who wasn’t invited. Emilia Clarke and Regina King both happened to be there, they revealed on The Graham Norton Show, where they also confirmed your suspicions: It was the greatest party of all time. “It’s basically in a car park. Well, they power-wash it, and they cover it up and make it look wonderful,” Clarke said. “They say, This is the last picture you’ll take. When you go down the stairs you’ll see a sign that says that. No phones, no social media, no nothing. Then you get in and you’re like, That’s why. It’s hallowed ground.” Was it maybe because J.Lo, Rihanna, Leo, and Adele were all schmoozin’ and boozin’? Either way, Clarke cried.

Finally, Details About Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s VIP Oscars Party