Chance the Rapper Tosses All the Skeletons Out of His Closet in ‘We Go High’ Music Video

When your bride-to-be has to dig through all the skeletons in your closet to find her suitcase, you know you fucked up. In the appropriately spooky new video for Chance the Rapper’s “We Go High,” the Chicago rapper stumbles over the old bones of past relationships and wades through the torrential downpour he faces at the club to arrive at his final destination: the warm, wonderful world of Wife Guys. The music video, currently posted only to Chance’s Instagram, also reminds fans to get tickets for the upcoming tour supporting his most recent album, The Big Day, set to begin in January. In the meantime, though, it’s October and make no bones about it, finding all those tibias hidden under your boyfriend’s coats would be chilling. Like, whose skull is that?

Chance Rids His Closet of Skeletons in ‘We Go High’ Video