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For Your Consideration, Saturday Night Live Presents Chance the Rapper in Space Mistakes

Whether it’s Interstellar or Ad Astra, Gravity or Passengers, The Martian or First Man, if you’re an A-lister searching for a rocket ship to awards-season success, it’s time to strap on that helmet, buckle in, and make a life-threatening goof-’em-up in space. Chance the Rapper stars in Saturday Night Live’s Oscar Bait parody, Space Mistakes, as a heroic astronaut confident in his ability to soar among the stars without biffing something major, like cracking the windshield of the International Space Station or punching a hole in the hull, through which gallons of space start pouring in.

Unfortunately, you can tell from his son’s childlike trust and his wife’s emotional emotions, Chance is absolutely going to slip up in space. Don’t worry! He won’t die. That’s for his B- and C-list co-stars to deal with. So keep Chance in mind while you’re casting your Academy Awards ballot this winter. If Space Mistakes doesn’t win, there’s always the movie’s upcoming sequel, Space Mistakes 2: Space Is Also a Metaphor for My Dad.

For Your Consideration SNL Presents Chance in Space Mistakes