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Saturday Night Live Brings You Werewolf Choreographers: Spooky. Scary.

You might remember the 21st night of September, but do you remember when the full moon arrives this month? Saturday Night Live’s werewolf choreographer Tony Shalis sure doesn’t, which is why he keeps interrupting his class to scream and fumble with the blinds. Chance the Rapper stars as a dedicated hopeful willing to lose it all at a chance for back-up dancer success, but he’s absolutely not willing to stop giggling for two second, all while Kenan Thompson acquires more and more hair. Even more terrifying, Earth, Wine & Fire are apparently holding rehearsals for their Halloween Boogie Spectacular…on Halloween night! Good thing the real Chance doesn’t have to decided between fame and letting a werewolf throw his wife through the wall of a dance studio. He’d never hit the big time.

SNL Brings You Werewolf Choreographers: Spooky. Scary.