Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Beyoncé and Jay-Z Costumes Win, Halloween Canceled

Photo: Ciara/Instagram

Pack up your things! Halloween is over! Ciara and Russell Wilson did it, and they won. The couple re-created Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “Apeshit” music video, in which they take over the Louvre. For those under a very specific but very large rock, the video ends with Beyoncé and her husband posed in front of the actual Mona Lisa, wearing pink and blue suits, daring anyone to call them poor. Ciara and Russell paid homage by standing in front of a portrait of Barack and Michelle Obama, kind of like how Bey and Jay stood in front of a portrait of Meghan Markle to accept their BRIT Award. Ciara even snagged the exact same suit Beyoncé wore, a Peter Pilotto creation. In their own mini music video, Wilson conjures up Big Hov Energy and mean-mugs while Ciara spits bars. Sitting back while your wife handles business is the most important detail in a Jay-Z costume.

They even finish it off by turning away from the camera! Considering Beyoncé waited an entire year to show us her third costume, if this is the only glimpse of Halloween Bey we get this year, thank goodness it’s flawless.

Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Beyoncé and Jay-Z Costumes Win