they're just like us

Coldplay Drops Two New Songs Off Everyday Life About, Well, Everyday Life

After a slow trickle of announcements — first album details, then a track list — Coldplay is fully out of musical “hibernation” with not one, but two new songs off its upcoming double album, Everyday Life. And that seems to be just what Chris Martin is singing about, over some of the poppiest woo-woo’s, sax solos, and horn sections the band could possibly find. Take this lyric from “Orphans,” which sounds decidedly not about orphans: “I wanna know when I can go / back and get drunk with my friends.” Me, too! Meanwhile, the other new single, “Arabesque,” features French lyrics about how we’re all the same, along with the first time the band’s used the word “fuck” on a song. Coldplay members — they’re just like us! Except, you know, they take 100 years to make an album.

Coldplay Drops New Songs That Really Are About Everyday Life