Celebrate Halloween With Conan O’Brien’s Very Spooky Skeleton Episode From 2006

Team Coco has dropped a special Halloween treat for longtime fans of Conan O’Brien. Having already released the vintage episode in which O’Brien hosts an entire show in front of an audience of unruly kids, they were inspired by today’s holiday to release another stunt episode, from Halloween 2006, which is fairly typical aside from the fact that, oh yeah, everyone in it is a skeleton. That includes O’Brien, the band, the whole audience, and all of the guests — like Will Arnett (doing an “In the Year 2000” segment), Fabio (in a new installment of “Secrets”), Larry King, Omar Epps, Sheila Kelley, and writer Brian Stack (doing a special “Skelevision” edition of his recurring character Hannigan, the Traveling Salesman). The only one who doesn’t appear as a skeleton is Bill Hader, who lends his excellent Vincent Price impression to the show’s opening credits.

The full episode is above — or if you want to skip to a specific segment from the show, Team Coco has pulled some of the highlights for you below. But you should really just watch the entire thing — or at the very least, check out the end credits to see a sneak peek of how this insanity looked behind the scenes.

Celebrate Halloween With Conan’s 2006 Skeleton Episode