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Courteney Cox Participates in the Scariest Tradition of Them All: Cutting Your Own Bangs

Snip, snip. Photo: Courtney Cox/Twitter

Is Courteney Cox okay? Has anyone checked in on her? She just did a go-to rock-bottom move: cut bangs. In a horror movie of an Instagram post, the Friends star explains that she was watching Scream 3, saw her own character, Gale Weathers’s baby bangs, and thought, “I don’t think anything’s that wrong with it.” That isn’t exactly affirmative enough to make a change this big, but she goes for it anyway, hacking at her hair with one hand. The results? Not bad! But she barely has time to bask before Ghostface attacks!

Maybe this is fake hair, but it does seem like Cox cut her actual hair, which means her stylist literally has their work cut out for them. No one is brave enough to cut their own bangs without predicting that they’ll need a little help fixing them. Either way, she’s absolutely one of those people who can pull off bangs while the rest of us cry until they grow out again. That’s just natural selection at work.

Courteney Cox Participates in the Scariest Tradition of All