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Disney Has Activated Their Nefarious Plan for Another Live-Action Inspector Gadget Film

Photo: DHX Media

Not every remake or reboot has to be a gritty origin movie. (Speaking of, where is our Gritty origin movie? Is he an alien or something? What’s with his bellybutton?) But we have to assume we’re going to get some backstory in Disney’s upcoming live-action Inspector Gadget movie, based on the 1983 animated series, which featured Get Smart actor Don Adams as the voice of its titular detective. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Saturday Night Live star Mikey Day and SNL writer Streeter Seidell will pen the reboot’s script.

It’s been exactly 20 years since Matthew Broderick embodied the dangerously incompetent cyborg investigator on the big screen, with Michelle Trachtenberg starring as his beleaguered niece, Penny, racing to solve the devious schemes of Rupert Everett’s supervillain, Dr. Claw. French Stewart starred as Inspector Gadget in the movie’s 2003 sequel, leaving the door open for a newer, darker, much more violent portrayal in the upcoming reboot. Oh, that’s right. We’re saying they should go full Joker with the inspector this time. Pogo-stick legs? How about some chainsaw arms instead?

Disney Activates Plan for Live-Action Inspector Gadget Film